Information about the site

Dear reader,

You are now viewing Orion's first online annual report. The Annual Report 2010 is only published in electronic form and it contains the most important information about Orion's successes in 2010. You can view the company's financial statements and check the performance of Orion's business areas. You can also share pages of the annual report, save them in the material bank and create a pdf file tailored to your own needs.

The publication of Orion's online annual report is accompanied by the launch of the Well-Being Lounge, a new Internet-based well-being service. In the Well-Being Lounge you can meet Orion's employees, customers and partners, and read, view, listen to, test, download and share different contents.

We wish you happy browsing on Orion's Internet site!

Instructions for viewing the annual report


  • To access the different sections of the annual report, follow the breadcrumb trail indicating your location or use the main navigation bar.


  • To change the font size and language, go to the top right hand corner.
  • You can save the page in ‘My pages' by clicking the ‘Add to my pages' icon in the top right hand corner.
  • By clicking the ‘Pages saved' icon, you can access ‘My pages' where you can create a pdf file to meet your requirements.
  • In ‘My pages' you can not only download the pages you have collected, but also save larger entities (such as the complete annual report and financial statements) as pdf and excel files.

Instructions for viewing the Well-Being Lounge

Front page

  • The Well-Being Lounge has four corners. You can access any of the corners by clicking the windows of the carousel on the front page. You can also enter the Lounge by clicking the name of the corner at the bottom of the page.
  • To return to the front page, click the ‘Start of the page' icon in the top right hand corner or the Orion logo in the top left hand corner.


  • There are elements indicated by arrows in each corner of the Well-Being Lounge. They start to glow when you place the mouse pointer over them. By clicking the elements, you can access the contents of each corner.
  • You can move from one corner to another by clicking the arrow icons in the left and right edges of the corners or the names of the corners at the bottom of the page.


  • Go to the top right hand corner to change the font size and language of the Well-Being Lounge and to turn the volume on/off.

Technical requirements and recommended browsers

To view the pages, you need the latest version of Internet Explorer 7, Mozilla Firefox 3, Google Chrome 8, Safari 5 or Opera 11.

Java Script should be enabled for optimum use of the pages and the material bank.

The pages use Adobe Flash technology. Viewing the Well-Being Lounge requires a Flash-supported browser. However, the online annual report can also be viewed without it.

Display resolution should be at least 1024 x 768.

Please send us feedback about the annual report and the Well-Being Lounge. Use our feedback form for your comments and questions.


Concept and visual design: Miltton Oy
Contents: Orion Corporation and Miltton Oy
Technical execution: Media Cabinet Oy
Photographs: Pekka Holmström, Hanna Kiminkinen, Hanne Manelius, Tuomo Manninen, Samuli Miettinen, Tomi Parkkonen, Pirita Särmä
Videos: Amigos Media Oy and Miltton Oy
Animations: Miltton Oy / Valentyn Derkach and Mainostoimisto SST Oy